Championship Events

Our entire festival is centered around our championship events: speed-eating, seed spitting, watermelon carving, and largest watermelon contests. The events start in the early afternoon on the basketball courts next to shelter 3 in Chandler Park. Everyone is welcome to this family friend event for all ages.

Below is the results for the Championship Results recorded by the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating and Seed-Spitting Championships, Inc. Official results are posted to this website shortly after the festival. If you see a name misspelled or a record mislabeled, please email us at or call us at (608) 514-1926 and let us know.

For other years, please see the drop down under the heading above. We’ll be adding more shortly in the future. Click here to see the picture from 2016’s festival showing record board.

Official World Records

Below is the current listing of the World Records for the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating and Seed-Spitting Championships, Inc.

Official U.S. Watermelon Seed-Spitting Record Holders

Seniors (55+) Russ Kolkav Naperville IL 45′ 10″ 2006
OLD RECORD Tom Iverson Madison WI 39′ 3″ 2002
Men Clark Hodgson Pardeeville WI 61′ 3″ 1988
Women Jessica Laufenberg Marquette WI 45′ 10″ 2016
OLD RECORD Jessica Laufenberg Berlin WI 39′ 2″ 2009
Junior Men Jon Williams Pardeeville WI 39′ 2″ 1993
Junior Women Erin Bortz Pardeeville WI 33′ 9″ 1987
Youth 0-5  Gordon Kratz WI 13′ 7″ 2017
OLD RECORD Lane Pease Pardeeville WI 12′ 5″ 2015
Youth 6-11 Elaine Hepler Pardeeville WI 27′ 1″ 2017
OLD RECORD Niko Safedis West Allis WI 24′ 5″ 2013
Youth 12-16 Tre Koepke 33′ 0″ 2017
OLD RECORD Josh Swartz Taylor WI 32′ 5″ 2009
Mixed Doubles  Tim & Rebecca Swartz Taylor WI 86′ 4″ 2017
OLD RECORD Kent Berney and Michelle Panucci Madison WI 72′ 6″ 1986
Snr Mixed Double Fran Uropkin and Steve Thompson Pardeeville WI 40′ 10″ 2002
Adult-Child Craig and Sam Jones Pardeeville WI 61′ 4″ 1998
Adult-Child (0-5) Jessica and Gordon Kratz Portage WI 52′ 4″ 2016
OLD RECORD Todd and Lorelei Hepler Wyocena WI 29′ 0″ 2013
Adult-Child (6-11)  Meredith & Cliff Burdon 59′ 6″ 2017
OLD RECORD Todd and Lorelei Hepler Wyocena WI 55′ 6″ 2016
Brontay Brazzle and Brandi Koepke     47′ 0″ 2013
Adult-Child (12-16) Aaron and Katrina Staveness 61′ 0″ 2013
Four-Person Clark Hodgson
Dan Osborn
Jeff Warnke
Steve Swanson
127′ 8″ 1985

denotes retired category

Official U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating Record Holders

Boys & Girls 0-5 Ashley Rizer Pardeeville WI 14.23 1994
Boys & Girls 6-11 Robert Erickson Pardeeville WI 6.31 1994
Boys & Girls 12-16 Guy Berst Portage WI 4.00 1985
Men Jim Wisniewski Madison WI 2.98 1995
Women Shanda Kratz Kingston WI 3.57 2010

All time is shown in seconds

Check back for updates and future news from the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating and Seed-Spitting Championships, Inc.

The Pardeeville Watermelon Festival is an annual fall festival held the first Saturday after Labor Day in September, hosted in beautiful Chandler Park. It is held in Pardeeville, WI, USA, home of the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating and Seed-Spitting Championships, Inc. For more information, please use the links above. This website will be changing more and more as we get closer to our event, so check back soon. For more immediate information, please email