8:15am Day Before Update

It’s a real work day today.

In about 45min, the real work of setting up the festival begins.

Todd and crew will be starting to haul all the games from the storage unit (and his garage) over the park.

Dick will be stocking the concession stand.

Mark will be putting together signage in his garage and blasting Pink Floyd (it is Floyd Friday after all).

Later today, we’ll be driving to Alsum’s Produce to get the watermelon that are generously donated the last few years by Mr. Larry Alsum.

Mark will be staking out the vendor spaces.

Dick will be gathering the sweet corn and prepping all the brats.

And Todd and crew, they’ll probably still be setting up the games.

A lot of work goes into this festival, riding on the backs of a few people until the big day.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a melonhead like us?

Join us won’t you? You won’t be the same after, and neither will the festival! Even if it’s for an hour slicing watermelon at the free table, or helping clean up after the Kratz family destroys a few slices during the speed eating event, or running water out to the people manning the midway, or dumping trash cans, or taking down the coloring contest after the festival is over, or helping Mark home after he blows his back out again.

Anyone can help. Even if it’s for an hour.

See one of the melonheads running around in the Watermelon Fest polo shirts and ask how you can help. Or contact us on Facebook, G+, Twitter, email, or text.

08/29/17 Update – Just 12 days away

Yep, I’ve been absent from the blog on the website. With Facebook, G+, Twitter, and Tumblr (no, I haven’t started an Instagram account… yet) and prepping for another year’s festival, I haven’t been on here.

We’re inside of two weeks now and it’s all starting to come together. But we still need help! Volunteers! More than just day-of volunteers. A couple of our long-standing volunteers are stepping back from being engaged, allowing some new melonheads to step up and help out.

If you’d like to know more, please check out our website, shoot us an email, contact us on Facebook (@pardeevillewatermelonfestival), hangout with us on G+ (uswsessc@gmail.com), or call or text us at 608-514-1926. Someone will get in touch with you.

And I’ll try to keep this blog updated a little more. Promise.

Thanks, Mark

Attention competition growers

Do you think you have what it takes to grow this year’s largest watermelon?

Phil Hodgson, judge of this year’s Largest Watermelon event, has put up a cash prize for this year’s winner!

For details on when to plant, whereto get seeds, and general rules, give Phil a call at 608-429-3457.

04/13/17 Update


Our second meeting for the 50th annual festival is tonight. After tonight, we will be doing a large recruiting drive for volunteers.

Our next meeting will be on May 18, 2017, hopefully down at Chandler Park Shelter #3. Check our Facebook (@pardeevillewatermelonfestival) for more details when the date gets close.


Yes, I finally found an online solution for our vendors! It is live and if you go to FESTIVAL > ART & CRAFT FAIR the form is on the bottom of the page. And we are still looking for someone to run our art & crafts fair, or at least help for one of our committee members (Mark) who will be running it until we find someone.


Also, a few weeks ago, our blog was hacked and was… well, filled with non-watermelon related items. As soon as we learned of the attack, we patched up the issue (our odd phrased password wasn’t odd enough). Thankfully, nothing was downloaded. We apologize to you all if you saw any of the posts they made. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


If you are looking for a great organization to volunteer for, we are always ready to take on more melonheads! We are a non-profit, free festival, so we rely on donations from local area business and individuals to keep this festival running.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us! Thanks, Mark