Official Championship Rules

These are the official rules for the U.S. Watermelon Speed-Eating & Seed-Spitting Championships held the first Saturday after Labor Day in September on the grounds of Chandler Park in Pardeeville, Wisconsin.

General notes and addendums:

  • Championship events begin at 1:00pm (time may change based on event schedule, please check back here prior to the upcoming festival for exact times)
  • All contestants will be given the opportunity to sign up for their respective events prior to the start time.
  • Please be prompt when each event is called out.
  • Events will be staggered to allow for maximum competition and viewing for all involved.

Seed Spitting

Presiding Judge: Festival Emeritus Chairman Mr. Steve Thompson

Acting Judge: Mr. Tom Iverson

Championship event is open to all ages. Division breakdown as follows: 0 – 6yrs | 7 – 11yrs | 12 – 16yrs | Women’s Open | Men’s Open | Senior’s | Mixed Doubles | Parent / Child | Four Person Team

  1. Seed spitting is an open competition for any age / sex. Height, weight, or size of mouth shall not prevent any individual from competing. Official spitting seeds will be provided. No one will be permitted to use their own seed.
  2. Professional tobacco spitters are not eligible. Chin dribblers shall be disqualified.
  3. Immediate disqualification to any contestant using any form of pipe, tube, or other hollow object to propel seeds.
  4. Any competitor receiving assistance, of any kind, at moment of seed launching shall be immediately disqualified.
  5. Contestants who accidentally swallow seeds while sucking in air prior to seed launch, will be given one extra seed. Sponsors shall not be held responsible for the after effects of seeds swallowed by any contestant.
  6. People who wear dentures, whose teeth go further than the seed shall abide by judges decision: Distance seed travels is the only thing that counts. Poly-grip available on request.
  7. No running, jumping, skipping, or laying down while spitting. All spitting shall be from an erect, stationary stance.
  8. A contestant must perform as an individual in the singles events. This disqualifies contestants gaining additional distance from a swat on the rear at the time of spitting
  9. All spitting methods shall be acceptable. Simple blowing of seed from between teeth, from corners of lips, wide open mouth, the tongue roll, or any style preferred by contestant.

Speed Eating

Presiding Judge: Festival Emeritus Chairman Mr. Bob Williams Sr – In Memorium

Acting Judge: Mr. Kyle Williams

Championship event is open to all ages. Division breakdown as follows: 0-6yrs | 7-11yrs | 12-16yrs | Women’s Open | Men’s Open | Senior’s

  1. Contestants shall compete in their proper age and sex group. Final decisions of sex and age shall be determined by judges.
  2. No contestant can enter more than one division.
  3. Decisions of judges shall be final and irrevocable. In case of ties, a second heat shall be ordered.
  4. Speed of eating is the major factor of championships, however, certain emphasis will also be placed on neatness, lack of burping and certain other competitive courtesies.
  5. Seed spitting shall be done in a straight-forward manner. Seeds discharged in any direction or onto other competitor’s slice will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  6. No competitor shall ask for, nor receive, any special bathroom privileges until completion of individual heat.
  7. Any complaint relative to size of melon slice must be lodged with judge prior to start of heat.
  8. Costume or uniform shall be optional. Raincoats, umbrella, rubbers, and galoshes will be permitted. Acceptable also are snorkel, scuba equipment or underwater breathing devices and apparatus.
  9. Sponsors shall not be held responsible for the after effects of seeds swallowed by any contestant. Contestant must use his/ her own hands to secure melon firmly to table during contest.
  10. No raising of slice during contest is allowed.

Largest Watermelon

Presiding Judge: Festival Emeritus Chairman Mr. Roland Rohde

Acting Judge: Committee Member Mr. Phil Hodgson

Championship event is open to all ages. Bring in your largest watermelon and see how it stacks up next to others from the area!

Watermelon Carving

Acting Judge: Committee Member Mr. Robert Becker

Championship event is open to all ages. Divisions breakdown as follows: Youth | Adult

  1. Equipment to traditionally carve watermelons will be provided.
  2. Any additional equipment needed for carving will not be supplied by festival judges.
  3. Watermelons will be provided . Other watermelons can not be used.
  4. Judging of carvings will be based on several categories including creativity, theme, and presentation.